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blems I have a Synology NAS with two drives attached to it. Both of them were initially created with a 4GB file system. After setting up the file systems the drives are no longer recognized. Both drives are listed in my computer with the original file system label. I do not know if there is a way to get the NAS to re-detect the drives. How to identify: Problems: When the NAS detects the drive and mounts it is an invalid file system and cannot be mounted by the OS. When a drive is detected on the NAS but is unable to be mounted it displays an error stating that the drive cannot be mounted. Attached Thumbnails __________________Norton's Third Law of Computer Repair: "If it isn't broke, don't fix it." I have been having the same problem. I have a RAID1 setup with 2x 1TB 5400 RPM drives. Drive1 is a Seagate, SESSCDUAS, and drive2 is a WD RE4 10000rpm. The OS is an 8.04 x64 on a Dell Optiplex GX620. The issue is that the RAID does not see the drives and therefore cannot mount the file system on the drives. I used to have 4 IDE drives, but due to the speed of the harddrive, I went to the SATA drives. It has been running very well for the past 5 months. After playing with the bios and some drivers I have arrived at a conclusion. The SAS interface supports 8 hard drives, although a raid 1 only allows 4. So I decided to put each disk in a disk controller and remove two SATA controllers and now they all are connected to the SAS port. Now it is working, but I am unable to get rid of the ssd controller, and



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